Album Release: Valley Peak

Greetings on the first Full Moon of the decade! To celebrate, I give you a 3 track release containing some jungle sounds, some drum and bass and a very special psychedelic dub style collaboration with Mr Pink AKA Pink Dimension AKA Jovis Burk on the Didgeridoo!

2013 was a year of many new beginnings and a lot of music was made too! I worked on my first ever commissioned pieces for none other than Annie Thompson, who was working on her show in Kolkata (a culmination of years of hard work and commuting between Canada and India on a yearly basis). It was also the year of my first ever trip to the Himachal and thus the Himalayas (childhood trip to Darjeeling not counting). Two of the 3 tracks of Valley Peak was made in Manali, capital of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This is in fact where I ran into Jovis and we decided to make music together.

The opening track – Josephine’s Dream – was made in one afternoon in Kolkata, in the living room of someone who soon after became my partner of a few happy years together. Even though it was made in the city, it was in the same flow and headspace as the other two tracks and thus I decided to put them together. There are two other pieces that come in between Dolce & Disturbance and Boom Levitation (the collab with Jovis), when looking at it strictly in chronological order, but they are so very different in their feel that they will make a separate release on their own. They were also created during this trip to Himachal; in fact, a lot of music was created during this trip and makes me very excited just to think about how much more music I will be releasing later that was made under the radiant rays of the majestic Himalayas!

So stick around and enjoy this release in the meantime.

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