Album Release:Outer Explorations

For the final release of 2019, I give you a psy-breaks called Outer Explorations. Before 5/80 (Song of the Warrior Poet) was made, the idea of a continuous album made as a single project was tested out with this project. As mentioned in the announcement post for Warrior Poet, I wasn’t sure I would release it to the world at large. But then when I went back to it and heard it, I decided that it did indeed deserved to be out here with the rest of those from 2012.

The journey here is very much psychedelic but slower than trance with my favourite style of breaks as a constant groove. This was made with the dancefloor on my mind and till date it makes me groove, giving me hope that one day it will be discovered and people will enjoy dancing to it.

All that said, I do hope that you are experiencing a very powerful full moon this month as me and my friends also are. I hope this final full moon on the 12/12 helps you release and ascend to a higher state of being. Blessings be.

This was the initial design for the cover but didn’t work out because of technical limitations (i couldn’t figure out how to blend them properly so the outlines kept showing).

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