Beatomber – 30 Days of Music

Starting today, I will be posting a new piece of music every day till the end of November. Below is the first one. If this goes well, I will post the full versions on Youtube.

I was looking at various artists participating in #inktober and some musicians were also doing #beattober and then there’s Joe Rogan who started #soberoctober to get a friend to quit drinking for a month. So I was inspired to make my own thing, as I do. And here it is!

Plus I have been feeling like I need a push to restart making music. It’s not that I have a creative block. I don’t think I ever will when it comes to music at least. But more on that later. For now, enjoy piece 01.

Update: So I figured that instead of making 30 separate posts for this series, I will just update this post with each piece as it comes out. So if you want to follow along, come back to this post. I will usually update towards the end of the day between 7 and 11pm (UTC +5.30).

another one at 170. I think I am really getting into this now! DnB has always made me groove like nothing else so I guess it is about time I tried my hands at making some.
This one is special for a number of reasons. This is the first time i have produced something where I have remixed a Bangla song. Second, this is a really old recording of a song that was written and composed by Kazi Nazrul Islam. He’s a contemporary of Tagore and has since been named the national poet of Bangladesh. This recording is the best rendition in my opinion, performed by Firoza Begum, a very well-known singer who’s known for her beautiful and powerful renditions of Nazrul’s music.
Tried out DnB…
Here’s something to just sway along to
Downtempo chillout glitch vibes. Like a walk in the forest.
This is a weird one!
11th day, 11th beat, 11th month
Quite an emotional one today, and very cinematic.
was a little late posting today but it turned out quite unlike what I was making in my head all day. For the 9th piece, I give you a study in reconciling 3s and 6s to 32 bars. It’s very synth and very glitch.
This one’s got a twilight mood, deep and nostalgic.
Smooth and melodic, slow and soothing.
#Beatomber 01 by ShadowBlink

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