EP Release: Crescent

As we enter the Thunder Moon of 2019, it is time to release some more music! As promised, with the new month comes some more music from the ever-growing pile of unreleased material.

Crescent contains the last two track from 2011 that were earmarked for release upon production. While going through the list for my debut release Ab Ovo, these tracks got left behind for reasons that are not entirely clear to me. I was quite sure that I would include them in the debut, initially, and then decided against it thinking they need some more time for some extra polish in the mastering stage.

Well, as an artist who is mixing and mastering on my own, some times it is easy to doubt my own decisions. In fact, it was this reason that resulted in the pile of unreleased material in the first place. However, instead of 8 years sitting on the fence, this time it took less than a month to decide that these should be released together, as an EP.

Thematically, Crescent contains the beginning and the end of an epic journey. The sound is heroic, adventurous and epic. The first track, Fall of the Shogun, feels like the beginning of a quest where there are tension and undercurrents of something dark. The title track, Crescent, is most definitely the peak of a final crescendo that has victory stamped all over it.

Thus, between these two tracks, hidden somewhere in the folds of interdimensional space is an epic adventure that is waiting to be written. With some patience and perseverance, I think it is possible to bring that story out in the open. While I am not promising a definite date at this point, because most of the stories from Ab Ovo are still taking shape in my head, I am certainly promising that once I get to it, Crescent is going to be an epic journey. Stay with me!

In the meantime, enjoy the music by perusing the player below and buying it from Bandcamp. A wider release is also coming soon to a mainstream streaming platform near you!

[bandcamp width=350 height=522 album=2946238718 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=2ebd35]

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