Project Relaunch

New music. A lot of it. Starting June 2019

Planing the relaunch sitting in the Himalayas

I haven’t released any music. Officially. Ever. Except for bits and pieces on Soundcloud. But those sporadic releases are nothing compared to the huge backlog that has been building up in various computers and hard disks. I was waiting for something, as we do sometimes. But that wait is over.

Starting June of 2019, I will be releasing fresh material once every month.
The releases will be staggered in the order that they were produced, thus releasing the oldest material first. So far, I have counted about 10 releases pending, including full-length albums, EPs and singles. So keep your eyes peeled and watch this space. There’s also a live set in the works. You will be able to see the progress on my Youtube Channel.

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