Single Release: The Path

Greetings my beloved friends and blessings be for the festive season that we are currently celebrating here in Kolkata, India. It was a powerful full moon this time and it set the perfect mood for me to gear for the release of this month’s piece. We have here my fifth music release in the ShadowBlink project and I am still finding it exciting just to think about how much music is yet to come.

This piece, a single called The Path, was written and finalised in 2012. So we have finally moved one year ahead in our bid to catch up to the music that is happening now. Following closely on the lines of the pieces from Ab Ovo and Crescent, The Path is more of an inspiring piece that feels like it could be the daring next step on an epic journey that is only in its initial stages. My love for glitch sounds and rhythms is going to become very obvious from this point forth and the intro and breakdown to the track should be evidence to that.

So it is with great pleasure that I give you this month’s offering: The Path.

Also, since I was busy spending time with my family for the past week and a half over all the festivities, I am only now submitting the track for distribution. So a wider release on all other digital stores and platforms will come by the end of the month! From my past experiences, I can say that Apple Music will have it on the quickest and Spotify will likely have it updated after all the others are done. So there you have it. Do hit me up on Instagram @shailpik to let me know what you thought of this piece. You can also comment on my facebook page at

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