The Light and its shadow

Residing in the world as it is right now, it is going to be impossible to not comment on the socio-politico-economic situation. The general notion is one of panic, chaos, doom and struggle. I am very clear on the fact that I will not accept such energies into my field because I like how it feels where I am vibrating at right now. At the same time, I too was at a point conditioned to believe that focusing on such aspects and endlessly debating them in my head and with my friends was a good thing.

I haven’t subscribed to cable TV or newspapers since about 2006. I did this intuitively because they felt like a waste at the time. Now I have a more expanded perspective on it. As a result of this small decision I have enjoyed my life very much since then and the enjoyment levels have only gotten higher. Some would call me out on this choice to not stay informed about my country’s and the world’s political situation. Am I burying my head in the sand? Well, here’s why I do what I do. Metaphors can be decided on later.


Whatever we hold in mass consciousness, we transmit energy to. This is simply a reflection at the mass level of reality at the individual level. You give it attention (negative or positive) and it manifests. Hence that which are convinced of (and hence have little to no resistance towards) will happen. Whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Thus, by holding something in consciousness, we make it last. Because it gains energy from our attention. Even if the attention is mainly one that says “please go away”. Thus, if you don’t want your worst nightmare to manifest in your physical reality, simply stop thinking about it.

Easier said than done, yes? This is one of the reasons to meditate. To hone your focus and ability to tune in and out of objects of focus. All realities are happening at the same time. You experience the one you are focussed on. And someone focussed on the opposite is also experiencing it at the same. Paradox is the nature of beingness.


There is no push without pull. And both movements are nothing but two aspects of energy. If you are pulling something away from someone or if someone is pushing it at you, the result is the same. The object is coming at you. Thus what is push or pull if not forms of energy. And energy is one thing. It is consciousness in motion. The out-breath of the One. You are pushing or pulling. Wanting or not wanting. Attracting or repulsing. It is one thing. It is energy. So you give it to an idea, it grows and manifests. It is essentially a symbolic being that has gained enough energy or has experienced enough lack of resistance (whichever way you want to look at it) to bring itself to the ultimate form – a physical manifest reality that feels VERY persistent and real.

Thus, if mass consciousness is holding on a horrible incident or thought, it is essentially giving energy to it being perpetuated. Thus every time I give my attention to unwanted objects, I am feeding them. I choose not to do that. Let them wither without my energy and leave from physical manifestation back into the world of pure symbolic existence. In plain-speak – if you want something to go away, start to ignore it with all your heart and erase its very existence from your mind to the point where encountering it is a surprise. Holding on to this practice even in the face of strong physical evidence and social reinforcement to the contrary is a good practice at practical magick.


I understand or feel or experience, the basic non-duality of it all. The unity of all. Either it is all holy and sacred or nothing is. There can be no in-between. It is not a difficult conclusion to achieve. Understand that if you believe intelligent energy, which is consciousness in motion creates everything, then it is easy to see that energy is one thing. There is no separation. It is a single continuum.

A long yarn is gradually woven into a sweater. Is it a piece of clothing or a piece of yarn? Is a house a pile of construction materials or a dwelling place? I would call such a thing neither. It is simply a symbol. An idea that one can perceive with physical senses. It is neither because it is both. And that there is the problem of using language to describe this.


Alan Watts used a beautiful analogy in one of his lectures. He said that it is as if we are trying to break a magnet into two and expecting to isolate the poles. You don’t get one south pole magnet and one north pole magnet. You simply get two magnets. And this is true down to the last particle and then you have molecules and then atoms and quantum particles and then ultimately just patterns of energy dancing. That is what this. A pattern of energy transmitting another pattern of energy that is then being carried by energy to patterns of energy that are flowing and vibrating at similar fields and frequencies.

It is not a coincidence if you are reading this piece of writing without having made any effort to find it. Your chancing upon this simply means you are seeking to be exposed to this kind of energy. And so here you are.

Duality is inherent in the manifest universe because without it we would seize to exist! Well, not quite you see. we would simply go back into the NO THING during the in-breath of the one. It is like this – the reason we have a flow of energy is that we have two reference points two flow in between. This is the minimum. Without it there is no flow. Without flow, there is no tension. without this tension, there is no manifestation. A string only creates sound when it is vibrating because it then transmits that vibration and says “look, I am doing this cool thing! I am going there and coming back again” and we go “such a beautiful melody”. Thus to have the manifest reality of our kind, we must have duality.

And so we always encounter it. Everywhere. In everything.


When you focus on the evil, so called, you are forgetting that there is good in the world. Otherwise, there would just be … no thing. How would you know evil without good? And how would you know good without evil? Hot from cold? Love from hate? High from low and light from heavy and so on and so forth. But would you call heavy bad? Hot is good? Wet is bad and dry is perfect?

It sounds ridiculous to make such comparisons. These are simply poles between which the experience exists. Between the poles of cold and hot exists the exquisite experience of minute shifts in the lover’s body warmth. The mother’s milk is just right. The mountain water is just right. And we know this because there are infinite that temperatures which are not just right. And this just right also changes from summer to winter, day to night, high to low, wet to dry.

So you see, you experience such beautiful things because you perceive certain objects as less than beautiful and certain other ones as downright ugly. And hence you fill your house with beautiful objects. You like the way they vibrate their tiny particles and create an effect that pleases you immensely.


Light is the primary requirement to caste shadows. if you are looking at a deep, inky dark shadow, that means the light must be really that bright. Without it, you wouldn’t get dark shadows. As any photographer – the darkest shadows are during the brightest times of the day. Or due to really bright light. Or just one small light in an area with no other light source. Then you really perceive the absence of light as deep dark darkness.

But when light ceases to exist. Such as in realms where there is no such symbolic form of energy that we perceive as light, we still perceive the environment as light. This is because energy is often perceived as just light by our brains. It has no other way of processing it. However, the brain is not the only way to preceive this.

Advanced meditators experience this – the luminous glow that is not light but is perceived as light.

So light is required to cast a shadow. And without light there is no shadow. So if you are seeking to win over the world and make it a heaven on earth, just sit down and close your eyes and it is so. Nothing else to do. This dance that you mistake for misery will go on forever, leading to the next in-breath, taking a brief break from the performance and resume again on the next out breath. And so it will go, on and on.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy it. It is the greatest dance that ever was and will be.

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