The Many Faces Of Truth

Truth is like a multifaceted jewel. We all see different faces of it. When we share our interpretations of a phenomenon, we get to collectively see a larger part of the whole truth. In this way, by sharing and imbibing different versions of this reality, we gain the ability to perceive the diamond type truth that is this shared experience. It has many many facets, and the more we accept and assimilate, the wider our field of vision and understanding becomes. The greater this assimilation, the greater your power to manifest what you want.

And then as you realise the ultimate unity of the truth, you cease wanting anything because you ARE everything. Nothing is outside of you. You are the one complete, ultimate truth. You were this truth all along but you were simply having an adventure, in an unconscious dream. Now you cam continue on the adventure but with more excitement and power because you know you are the dreamer of this dream and all is you. There is no other reality. You are it.

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