We are Decentralising

Acceptance. Love. Compassion. Courage. Innerevolution.

I often feel that the world is slowly decentralising. And I am not talking about Anarchism or syndicalism a la Noam Chomsky. It is far smaller than that. But it is also trending. Allow me to elaborate.

It is in the rise of the boutique outlet. The middle class finally has middle-class heroes. They run a bakery out of their home kitchens. Sell crochet on Etsy. They make elegant little things that are categories on their own.

We are making more music than has probably ever been made in recorded history. And in the times forgotten, we each had at least one song that was uniquely our own. We now can make several as and when we please.

We are learning from other learners at a rate that we have probably never done either. For every cat photo, there’s also a tutorial on how to make cat photos. For every epic meal video, there’s also a tutorial on how to make the epic meal and how to bake the epic cake. And there are tutorials on how to get epically baked too. More on that soon.

We are sharing knowledge and admiring ordinary people living extraordinary lives and those lives are now also coming into the ordinary category? Travelled the world in a van? Yeah, I have a cousin who’s hitchhiking from New York to Tokyo the long way.

We are more inspired than ever before because science and plain observation have proven over and over again that once you can see it being done for the first time, the time is not far when many people can do it too. And then soon it just becomes the norm. Till that one person comes and goes beyond it.

We have more artisanal, more handmade. We have more fair trade and ethically made. Upcycling is trendy and recycling is cool. Living in a small tiny space in the vast wilderness is a life goal. Permaculture has its own pirates now, fighting the good fight. We are bombing seeds and making plastic-eating organisms. We are making packaging out of fungi and loving more animals. We are saving the bees and reducing waste. We are protesting inhumanities and standing together in solidarity.

We are accepting love in all its forms. We are making it okay to not be okay. We are sharing the pain and multiplying the love. We are giving back and taking less.

There are more yogis and there are more witches. There are more empaths and more psychics. We are investigating the aura, the energy flows. We are observing the sacred in the mundane. We are celebrating the Divine male and the female. We are chanting more, singing more and sending out our compassion to the mother. 

We are finding centres within ourselves. We are meditating more. We are loving more. We are accepting more. We are so very connected that after all the toxicity has been released, all that remains and will forevermore remain is love.

I am deeply unaware of the world outwardly because my inner world is one with it. It reflects the pains, the joys, the sufferings, the exaltation. Through it I can feel is all. And I can feel it becoming lighter and happier. The mass consciousness is shifting, and you and I and all of us will get to bear witness. 

So really, just sit back. You’re in for a ride like none other.

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