The ShadowBlink Universe

The Story is the working title of the fiction fantasy story that proceeds along with the music of ShadowBlink. See it as the universe where I proudly collect and display my fantasies, ideas for the future and their connection to the ever-evolving philosophy of my life. It is a blend of science fiction, spirituality and high fantasy – three elements that have helped shape and reshape my imagination time and time again.

The chapter titles refer to music pieces, which can be taken as setting the mood for each story. The progression in my head is like an RPG game that slowly builds the world as you go along, solving newer problems and embarking on fresh adventures, side stories and small skirmishes.

It is an open-ended world because it is an entire universe in the making and I want you, my dear reader, to be a part of it. Leave your thoughts, reactions, ideas and critique as comments. Send me messages on my social media accounts. Be in touch, we have a long and fantastic adventure ahead!

Update, August 15, 2019

I am still experimenting with my style and flow. This is my first attempt at making a large, fictional universe with interwoven story arcs. The ideas are coming in thick and fast and morphing and shaping. So if you see changes and alterations, you know what’s going on! Other than that, I am happy to report that the universe is gradually taking proper shape as I go along and it looks very exciting. There are multiple timelines, parallel dimensions and paradoxes that are emerging out of the churning of my Swadhistana.

I am also considering writing articles about how my ideas about music, art and creativity are evolving in general. Just as a process of documenting really. And in case it helps others like me. Let’s see how this evolves.

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