This Is ShadowBlink

An introduction.

A tip ‘o the hat to J.R.R.

We create because we are.

I thank you, dear stranger and beloved friend, for your support. This project is for you. Forever have I searched for a meaning behind this urge to create, only to realise at long last that it is the primary force of the very nature of being. We are because we create. And thus I give this creation to you, so it may remind you that you and I are the same. We are because we create. We create because we are.

A little bit of history.

I started ShadowBlink in June 2012 but the idea was knocking around in my head for quite some time before that. As a member of the then recently dismantled trio Undefined Dimension, I was already familiar with the use of visuals in tandem with electronic music (EDM at that point) and I wanted to explore my own expression of it. As a photographer, musician and writer, I wanted more than anything to combine my various modes of expression into one project. Back in 2012, I had no idea how to weave my words into the project, because my forte is prose. Still, with faith that it will fall into place in time, I launched ShadowBlink on 17th June, 2012. As it stands now, it is primarily an outlet for my electronic music, frequently combined with my visuals. However, I am beginning to catch glimpses of how my prose (and perhaps, in time, lyrics) can be woven into its intangible being.

Update 1: There was this idea of a new age fantasy fiction story that has been slowly taking shape inside my head for a few years. And in May 2019, I was inspired by this idea of writing the story as part of the project. The chapters are named after the music pieces that I have been releasing and roughly follow the emotional and thematic content of that musical piece. But of course, it is a completely independent story and simply compliments the music at this point.

Update 2, 2021, Nov

I have stepped into the NFT space. Can’t believe I almost missed the revolution. The crypto revolution is an amazing, awe-inspiring moment. it feels like I have finally found my tribe. My head is exploding with ideas. But first, it is time to release my music as NFTs. Of course, they will be audiovisual releases!

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