Welcome to the Blockchain Revolution

I have entered the NFT art community and thus, the blockchain space. i won’t go into the technicalities of the blockchain but I am beyond bullish on the technology. I was too young to do anything about Bitcoin when it first emerged. But this time round, things are very different!

I can see the blockchain changing the face of our civilisation. I can see it being the greatest enabler of affirmative action for our times. I can see it revolutionising the world, one smart contract at a time.

The amount of power it has put into the hands of artists and will continue to do for a long time to come, is tremendous. I will keep this short because I am sure I will be writing about this more in the times to come.

Just treat this as an announcement that ShadowBlink is coming to the blockchain and is bringing friends.

Header image from my first ever NFT photography collection. I think it looks cool as an album cover, don’t you?

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