Album Release: Home Leaving

Blessings be on this full moon in Taurus. As we let go of our past patterns and make way for a brand new wave of pure divine energy, I too am feeling the push to let go of a lot of my old patterns that no longer serve me. In doing so, I have realised that this music that I am releasing tonight, signifies in many ways the beginning of a cycle and the end of another. They always go hand in hand.

I was all set to release a 3-track EP this month. But as dug into my old MacBook where all my older work is stored, I realised that there’s enough material in 2012 to make two full-length before I move on to 2013! Imagine my delight but also note that it was rather challenging because I had not budgeted enough time to mix and master a 9-track album. But as it must happen, so it did.

This album is called Home Leaving because the period (end 2011 to mid 2012) was a time in my life when I was beginning to take my first steps into the world at large. I had already left home back in 2010 but back then I had the support of a friend who was in many ways responsible for kickstarting my journey of self-discovery as an artist and independent creative professional. With his relentless push to assimilate, I was left slightly bewildered at the brand world of electronic music and the underground scene that was fast engulfing me.

So I took a step back, moved into space wholly my own (I was sharing with him before this) and started making my way forward. So it finally felt like I had left home and begun a journey of my own choosing. And thus, these tracks were birthed.

About the artwork – this was shot in beautiful Northern Ireland with my ex-partner. It was a beautiful period in my life and this was one of those trips that yielded a lot of photographs. The text in Bangla is the album name loosely translated and the project name. Going forward I am going to create names in both English and Bangla to better reflect how my head works! I am, after all, an amalgamation of these two languages and the cultures that go with them. The names will always represent the same idea but may not always be a literal translation, for reasons of lingual-non-coherence (how’s that for a big word!)

As always, it is available on Bandcamp first and will be available for streaming and purchase on all platforms by the end of month.

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