EP Release: Fragments

Greetings from a fairly surreal time on planet Earth when the global population has entered into self-imposed social isolation. COVID-19 AKA the Corona Virus has done what nobody thought was possible. It has stopped the human civilisation dead in its tracks. As with everything else in the manifest realm, it has a dark side and a light side. No need to guess at the dark side, any major media outlet has that part covered.

The light side has things like nature getting a breather. Animals roaming freely. The air around my home smelling fresher than ever. A calmness in the general energetic atmosphere, felt especially when I meditate. Human beings realising what it is that actually matters to them, what brings real joy. In fact, what real joy actually feels like.

Releasing music amid this situation is a unique experience. There has been an explosion of new art online as artists of all levels have started to put out work inspired by their time spent at home. Fragments, this release, is not one of them though. This piece was composed between September and October 2013. I wanted to explore a continuous album that would explore various forms and style as if switching channels on a TV. Very weird and musical TV service to say the least.

I am also giving this away for free because the world needs it right now. Check it out on Bandcamp at https://shadowblink.bandcamp.com/album/fragments

Listen to it below on the web player. Wider release on major streaming platforms to come by the end of the month.

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