Single Release: Drowning In Love

Presenting the 12th consecutive full moon release! Feels very satisfying to have reached here. And to think that we have only made it till 2013 so far! Drowning In Love was composed in a beautiful little ground floor apartment near Golpark in Kolkata, my second move in the city. The background of the track is based on a field recording provided by my friend Jakob, a Canadian media maker who was in the city for a project at the time. He loved the heavy Indian monsoon and made a recording of the thunder and rain from inside his place near Park Circus. You can actually hear him ‘whooping’ at various points in the track.

That, combined with the sounds of buttons being pressed on the recorder itself, makes up the meat of the ambience. The feel reminded me of a sweet evening spent getting cosy while the sky pours down outside. Hence the name. The artwork comes from a shot of water gushing out from one of my trips to Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Water, as can understand, is a major theme here. But then the feel is all about wistfulness and being in love. Can’t say where that came from because I was single at that point. May be that’s why it came.

With this release, completing a cycle feels deeply fulfilling. Even thought there is a lot more music to release, the fact that I was able to maintain this chain gives me motivation to carry on till I have exhausted my back catalogue unreleased music.

In the meantime, I have actually taken a bit of break from music making and shifted focus to learning music. It is definitely helping me understand a lot more about why I do things the way I do. There was a time when I thought I would be taken away from my style if i focused on theory. May be that was true then. Now, however, I feel that I can do what I do even better because I am starting to understand theory. I am also picking up a new instrument. Exciting times! So there’s a lot more new music that is simply waiting to be made. I have some recordings that need to be turned into songs. And a lot more. Watch this is space, if you watch at all.

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