Drenched Kolkata

Chapter 1: Drenched

“It was a subtle thing. Like rain but finer. It is hard to describe. You just had to be there. Billions experienced it. It went on forever. Everything felt like it would be soaked after some time. But it wasn’t that kind of rain.”

The boys were playing football in an empty land allotment, surrounded by overgrown greens and piles of garbage. The sun was low on the horizon. It was the only greenery they had ever seen. It was also the only empty spot in the area that, inexplicably, never had anything built on it. There were a few little girls over in the corner, just on the periphery of this urban bald spot, making up their own game of some kind that involved flowers, wild poison berries which they were not supposed to play with and leaves of various kinds. And a few scattered boys and girls were simply looking longingly at both clusters and wondering if they would be allowed into the groups. It looked like fun.

And this would have gone on, following its daily course of events, which usually involved various modes of fighting, allying, peace treaties and estrangements. But now the ground began to shake and produce a deep rumbling noise. The initial surprise of it passed in a heartbeat and was replaced with the immediate urge to run away fast. Really fast. The ground that seemed solid some time back was beginning to divide itself in two and roughly around the central area a chasm was beginning to appear. It would have been an earthquake scenario except this area has never had one and the chasm was very straight. Like it was designed and built to be there.

It was a perfect day. The waves were gently rolling on to the shore. The sky was blue with a smattering of fluffy whites. The wind was gentle but had enough force for a sail to be unfurled. Even the seagulls were taking it easy and not fighting over food and territory. Some of them were trying to balance themselves precariously on top of females. Overall, one would have said it was a perfect day for fishing. And that is exactly what Argha thought when he took his little boat out with a bucket of bait and a fishing rod.

Rocking on the waves and listening to the wind, he was almost about nod off when something startled him. It took a while for him to locate the cause – a black cigar like thing with a box on top of it had just surfaced off in the distance. It took him a moment while his brainwaves caught up to his suddenly wide awake state. It was a submarine.

Out in the woods, the fireflies were doing their thing and making beautiful patterns in the night time landscape. The owls were doing their thing and hooting and flying in familiar routes, much to the terror of certain other creatures. A leopard was stalking a boar while the later was happily munching away at some fruit, oblivious to the impending exit from the physical plane. The exit would have been sudden and only momentarily terrifying before it would see its body being devoured by the big cat.

The leopard was hungry, focussed and silent as only a hunter can be. It tensed its body like a bow pulled from outstretched hand to noise and prepared to launch itself at its prey. It is precisely at this moment that something in the forest changed.

The owls were the first ones to notice because one of them was flying directly over the area that was witnessing this change. The fireflies here were suddenly scattering off to various directions. If one was to be very accurate about the situation, it was in fact the fireflies who noticed the change first. However, they were a little too close to actually see what was going on. Here’s what the owl saw and soon after announced to the forest at large.

As the fireflies scattered, it seemed as if some of them decided to stay behind. But upon closer inspection, it was clear that these were not your ordinary fireflies. They were not blinking, for one thing. And the other thing was that they were moving in a very complex pattern. In fact, only someone trained in the arts of energy flows and their patterns in the universe would have recognised this pattern. The owl wasn’t one such being. So the message that went out simply said

“strange thing. keep away.”

The air seemed to coagulate around this pattern and seemed to change density, causing some refractions and distorting the scene when looked straight through. This went on for a few moments and then the little lights froze in mid-air. Now the owl was absolutely sure that these were not fireflies at all. And the owl was right. Because now there was a man standing there, surrounded by the little floating lights. And then there was just the man. The lights winked out as suddenly as the man had appeared.

The man was wearing loose-fitting pants and the kind of shirt that you don’t tuck in, that seemed to flutter even in the gentle nocturnal wind. If there was more light, one would have seen that he looked young but had a sense of age about him that had nothing to do with how long he been in this body, on this planet. His face was full of sharp angles, a pronounced nose and slightly slanted eyes that gave his features an exotic tint. His light brown skin was smooth and often looked like it was glowing. Right now though he was mostly covered in his full-length pants and full-sleeved shirt.

There was a distant rumbling sound, which made him turn his head instinctively to locate the source. But he didn’t have to search for too long. Off to his right side, a large object was coming down from the sky and trailing a lot of smoke. The missile was not just falling, it was in fact obeying its onboard guiding system which in turn was being controlled by a signal from a satellite that was, in turn, being run by a program on a computer that was suddenly causing a lot of panic in an underground chamber full of very important people.

The man, who was called Sho, didn’t seem much bothered by this. In fact, if someone was able to see his face, they would have noticed that he almost looked pleased. But since this would require the use of night vision equipment and death-defying mountaineering if one was to reach the spot where Sho was in just the right time, no one saw his face. He simply sat down on the ground, placed each foot on the opposite thigh and closed his eyes.

Ila was travelling through one of the lower astral planes. Avoiding one of the cocoons of a recently disincarnated human, she deftly switched over to a higher plane in order to have a better connection with the astral Gaia. The spirit of Gaia spans all higher and lower dimensions, which is common for all celestial bodies. As soon as she was able to find a vacant area, Ila prepared herself and focussed on the energetic link that connects all Earthbound beings to Mother Gaia. The instant flood of love and well-being lifted her astral body up and it glowed. Her kaya at this moment was an iridescent design of our her own choosing that was faintly reminiscent of a dragonfly. So at the moment, she looked like a fantastic being, overflowing with energy.

Gaia felt like she was vibrating, quivering, as if there was too much inside of her that she could not hold any longer. Ila had finally found the right space-time. The ascension was just about to start.

The children watched with a mix of shock, awe and fear as the nose of a missile came out of the growing chasm that had replaced their play area. A few of them had mobile phones with them and these started ringing, almost all at the same time. On the other side, parents were wrestling with various stages of panic and fear and telling their children to come home immediately. So they took off, leaving only those who couldn’t help but be mesmerised this fantastic scene. Most of them didn’t have any homes anyway. No one to call them back or come looking for them.

But soon, armoured cars came out of nowhere and huge figures in uniforms without identifying symbols ordered them to clear off to a safe distance. The chatter on the radio was distant but it talked about things like hacked, lockdown, no control and emergency protocol.

Argha was trying to get away from the situation as fast as possible. His powerful hands matched his sturdy and determined face. These were the features of a man who is used to action and a lot of it too. His dark skin was further tanned by his time out in the sea and it suited his somewhat dark and angry nature. However, there was a certain roundness in his features that gave it a sense of softness and it reflected perfectly the eager heart inside that was always ready to lend a hand and give support.

He had was in no mood to adjust the sail and try to catch the wind. There was a strange foreboding in the air and the schools of fish and hoards of sea creatures who were fleeing the scene reflected this. He was almost certain that the submarine on the surface was one of a fleet. The rest must be submerged.

He was almost at the shore when it finally happened. The sea surface around the surfaced submarine erupted and multiple missiles came out of the water, gushing huge clouds of smoke and momentarily obscuring everything around them. He dropped the anchor, jumped out of the boat and swam the short distance to shore. He wanted to put as much distance between the obscene display of weaponry and himself. He could feel the ominous tension rising in him. He knew it wasn’t part of his own gamut of feelings, which were already a whirlwind of dread, worry and fear.

The tension was part of something larger. Something he had only felt a part of on a few occasions. But now it was overtaking everything else within him. He felt like he was sinking into an endless ocean where he was just a drop of water. He was the ocean and the drop of water in the ocean. At this point, his body collapsed on to the sandy beach where he stood.

Ila was adept at transferring energies into symbols for the sake of better coherence between her etheric and her meta-physical self. Her dragonfly kaya was exploding in symbols at the moment. The effect of this was stunning. The energy flowing through her, giving shape to her kaya with every pulse, was now composed of millions of symbolic shapes and images of various sizes. And all of it was flowing through her without any hesitation. Gaia was flowing through her as she was always flowing through all her children. But now, the Solar consciousness was connected with Gaia. And together, the father and the mother were giving birth to a new dimensional consciousness. This ascension event was essentially giving rise to a brand new Earth. A planet that took over where the previous version left off. It co-existed with the previous but at a dimension removed so that there was a connection but no interference.

Ila witnessed the transition within herself, feeling herself as the microcosm of the macrocosm that was Gaia. This sympathetic bond created permanent changes within her etheric body that in turn reflected in her meta-physical body. She knew it without having to know it. It was direct knowledge. Just as she knew that there was now a new dimensional reality which looked like an exact copy but was in many ways a brand new and wholly different place.

She reached out with her feelings, searching. She could feel him in the energy vortex. The strong and familiar connection pulling them towards each other. He was there, projecting from, she was surprised when she realised – from the point of transition in the meta-physical. He was in essence, putting himself at the transition, in the eye of the storm and witnessing it from the inside. Just as she was witnessing it but from a safe distance, in what could be said as the outside of it.

Sho’s etheric body was reminiscent of a multi-coloured diamond butterfly with perfect, multidimensional symmetry. This kaya was his favourite and he used it for all special occasions that called for all his faculties to be displayed in their full, multifaceted splendour. He was giving off huge amounts of energy waves as he allowed the vast discharge to pass right through him, acting as one of the direct conduits, alongside various others. He was right next to the those of the Himalayan Circle, their snow-white and azure kayas matching one another as a uniform would but with degrees of personalisations that set apart the various individuals.

He responded to Ila’s etheric greeting but only very slightly. The effort it was taking to not be swept up with the current and end up in the upper realms left him with very little space for anything else. And then both and he and Ila and the rest of those gathered saw it – an unclad etheric body in its human kaya tumbling around in the vortex. This person had unwittingly stepped into the vortex and was being pulled up into the upper planes. With every moment, he was leaving his Earthbound incarnation behind and most likely – incomplete.

Argha wasn’t sure where he was and what was happening. All he knew was that there was no control and he was falling upwards. He had a strong sensation, like a long-forgotten knowledge suddenly surfacing, telling him to go back. But he did not know where ‘back’ was and how to get there. He saw various fantastic creatures. Things that looked human but had imaginative colours and shapes. Like fantastic beasts and fairies. One of them was hurtling towards him. It reminded him of a dragonfly but he couldn’t put his finger on exactly what it was that made him think of it.

Ila had transported herself into the vortex and each witnessing conduit in the vortex was lending her a little bit of support. But due to the sheer number of them doing this, she was able to withstand the upward current and catch Argha in a spiral of energy and anchor him down. And then with an enormous effort that almost displaced a few of the helpers, Sho included, she was able to pull out of the vortex and escape to a lower etheric plane.

Once there, she thrust Argha into a dormant state. Normally this would be frowned upon because this was the energetic equivalent of knocking someone out. But in this case, it was necessary so that his own ineptitude wouldn’t get him into travel again. Besides, she had the ascension to witness. It was still underway.

For the first time in hundreds of years, the crossing of Chowrunghee in Kolkata was absolutely deserted. There was no one to be seen or heard. The silence was not heavy though. There was a lightness to it that defied explanation. It was as if it wasn’t the absence of sound as much as the presence of a kind of sound that makes no ripples. The manifest Earth was suspended. All was well.

And then it began. It was a subtle thing. Like rain but finer. It is hard to describe. You just had to be there. Billions experienced it. It went on forever. Everything felt like it would be soaked after some time. But it wasn’t that kind of rain.

The children were amazed at how it seemed to vanish into their skin and clothes. It felt neither warm nor cool but very, very comforting. It was blissful.

Argha was sitting on the beach, trying to make sense of it all. But the rain was magic and all his worries seemed to be washing away with them.

The leopard felt an overwhelming joy that made her start rolling around on the ground like a giant kitty cat. The boar was grunting very noisily, clearly pleased. The owls were joining other night time birds in a kind of symphony. Sho simply sat on the ground as tears rolled on to his cheeks, his face the very picture of bliss.

Ila was in her meditation room, feeling like her body was not her own.

The Earth was drenched in love. Gaia had ascended.

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