Meditation En Foret by Madcarak

Prologue: The Floating Man

“This is going to sound rather cliched, but where exactly am I?”

The man asked this with a look of polite curiosity. He was brown-skinned, but not tanned. He had a good head of hair, somewhat messy but looked like it saw the occasional hairdresser.

It was a naturally enclosed area. A rock face blocking one part, a sheer drop-off forming the boundary of most of what perimeter was left. There was also a narrow path beside the rock face leading away into a forested area. This was clearly atop some mountain. The air smelled vaguely of conifers and flowers.

The man in front of was sitting with his feet tucked up in the lotus posture. He had a shaved head and a lean body that looked strong. But perhaps the most striking feature was the fact that his body was levitating a few inches off the ground. There was no sign of movement. It might as well have been a very lifelike statue on a magnetic platform. This was starting to take on the shape of one of his many dreams.

“You are not dreaming this time, Sho”, communicated Hekima.

The man called Sho was now looking mildly intrigued.

“You are at my location from where I have communicated with you on many, occasions.” Hekima paused before saying the last word. It felt like there was a lot of pleasure in choosing that last word. Sho smiled and bowed.

“Greetings, dear Hekima”.

Hekima smiled. It was a very pleasant sensation to feel this smile because Hekima’s body was still quite motionless. The face looked absolutely radiant but calm and serene, as it always did in Sho’s dreams.

“Greetings dear Sho. Do you like my spot?”

“It is beautiful. I can see why you chose it. If I had seen it before, I would have wanted to come here in my manifest body much earlier.”

“Ah, but you are not in your manifest body.”

This gave Sho some pause. It felt physical enough. He reached into himself for the truth. He was quite certain he was actually here in the flesh.

“You mean none of us is a resident in our manifest bodies but my manifest body has been projected to this, place.”

Hekima was very pleased.

“Very good. Yes, you have done a small transdimensional projection with my help.”

“How small is small?”

“You have projected yourself a few hundred years into the seeming future. And I have guided you so that you come to this location as you materialise.”

“So we are on Earth?”

“In the manner that you ask, yes. We are”

“It… feels different.”

“That it would. The vibration is very different from where you are used to being.”

“So where are we?”

“You would identify the geographical location as the North-Eastern part of a country called India, in the state called Bengal.”

“I am familiar with Bengal but this looks nothing like it.”

“Are you surprised that it does not look like what it used to hundreds of years back?”

“You can see what I mean Hekima.” Sho submitted.

“Yes, I do. You mean it simply doesn’t resemble in any part the place you are used to calling Bengal. Not even geologically. That’s because this is a projection that I have created. And much of the Earth that you knew has been recreated in like manner.”

“It has been, terraformed?”

“Attracted into being with Gaia’s blessings would be more accurate. You remember the first law?”

“All is one. The One is projected into many. Each is complete because there is only one.”

“But you seek more the thinking mind information, as I see.”

“You see clearly as always.”

“Sit down then. I will give you a brief account of the first days. The days of rain, when the downpour would not stop and the Mother was drenched.”

Hekima’s story.

Mutually Assured Destruction.

As you count your time, the year was 2025. It was a hot day in June in India. Monsoon was delayed again that year. The food prices were shooting up and there was general unrest. This state of unrest was mirrored perfectly all across the world. No one could explain it. The global populace was holding its breath, not knowing why they felt this sense of foreboding.

The internet was buzzing with all kinds of theories but most were dismissed. The global weather patterns were getting more out of hand every day. That was a good enough visible reason. It affected everything. Crops were failing; more chemicals were being used to compensate for everything going wrong, the sun was piercing through, the droughts and floods were unpredictable, city life was starting to show signs of falling apart at the seams. The economy was teetering on the edge of another massive crash. But salvation was always another fix away. It was the perfect spiral into despair.

That hot day in June was thus nothing different from the days and weeks that had preceded it. Everyone kept busy and out of the sun as best they could. The joys of the handheld devices were the only distraction. So it was to a collective shock that the news erupted. It spread throughout the world faster than anything else had done before. But then when survival is at stake, nothing really takes time. Time becomes irrelevant, as it really is.

Most of the world’s nuclear arsenal had been activated and they were beginning to become airborne or waterborne or hurtling through space, rapidly approaching the Earth. The world stood still as the assurance of mutual destruction finally came to fruition.

What happened next can only be explained from outside of time. The common upsurge in the mass consciousness activated many of the latent energy circuits within it. It connected with the Gaia consciousness which we call the Mother. There was a huge energy surge from the Sun, that was observed as a massive solar flare and was felt by the mass as a blessing from the Father. Then this combined energy flowed through the circuits and erupted into the consciousness of every single sentient being on the planet. One central feeling was immediately perceived. It reverberated throughout the network – love. There was an upwelling of love within this unified consciousness and it willed this feeling onto its surroundings.

When time came back or the perceived sensation of physical vibration came back, it was like waking up from deep sleep. At a glance, everything looked the same. Except for a few major changes. A huge electromagnetic surge, which was not witnessed but only deduced from its effects, had wiped out everything that depended on electromagnetic waves to function. Magnetic data storage was hence, completely wiped clean. Later, we would discover beautiful patterns of geometry embedded into these devices that correspond with the patterns of consciousness. Even those devices that were supposedly shielded seemed to have surged from within.

The nuclear missiles, of course, malfunctioned. The wonderful part was that the radioactive isotopes had in fact somehow been replaced with a mix of various minerals.

Many other strange and wonderful things happened but it would take too long to go into any detail. I am sure you will find out about the other significant ones as you travel through the land, as I see the desire already forming in you. The other most important change was the rain. It was shimmery and constant. It took the forms of mist, snow, sleet etc but it happened throughout the globe.


It has often been said that there is a tipping point in mass consciousness. If you can affect a change in the vibration of a significant portion of any collective, the actual percentage being dependent on too many variables to express in this manner, you can affect a change of vibration in the entirety of it. And in that state, it would become aware of the One vibration by uniting with it. The simpler way to express this is like this – humanity and the planet, together, had a synchronised spiritual ascension event. It was willed into being by humanity and supported by the Mother and the Father. This was thus a mass awakening. It had affected every being on the planet. Humanity most of all.

The first few moments after the incident have been described by many poets, singers and artists since. So you will find that you have your pick. All that I can tell you is that it felt like seeing the world for the first time for those who were in the physical. They could see the energy around everything and everyone. They could sense the flow of it all around them. They felt immense love and from it was born endless compassion.

You are wondering how was it that easy. What about the massive energy of fear that was lurking everywhere. This was a question that was answered fairly early on. Many people could not be found. They had simply ceased to be in the physical. My master was part of a small group that was in communication with the Mother at the time and hence he could relay to me his personal experience of it. It was as if the population was taken through a sieve and the ones that could not match the vibration simply chose to withdraw their physical focus. As with such strange events, strange were the results. We have since learned that an incident such as ours is rare but not unheard of. It results from a very evenly matched but non-cooperative vibrations. One part ultimately withdraws to find a new focus that is more suited to it.

When brothers choose to walk opposing paths, it may look like they will never meet again but there is no true separation and thus it is all an exploration of the One through the many. It is an adventure. Thus we know at heart that nothing was truly lost.

The rain continued to pour down as a fine, shimmery mist. It felt so very wonderful. The sun kept rising and setting and each day felt like being embraced by the Beloved. This feeling was gradually transmuted into everything that we undertook as a civilisation. No one seems to remember when the rain stopped. It faded so slowly. Many say over days; others say it faded over the years.

We will move quickly through the developments now. You can always explore the details of each stage on your own. It began with the dismantling of the economy. Currency and such practices did not find any attraction amongst the New Ones. With the connection to all that is flowing powerfully through them, it wasn’t difficult to function without money.

All was done as an organic system would. Each little cell was self-sufficient and yet contributed to the whole. Waste as a concept disappeared. Matter is matter. It could be reshaped and many soon realised that it could be reshaped with focused thought. But soon there were machines that could reassemble matter. This new technology was simply an amplifier of thought or deeply held affirmative desire. And the training consisted of stilling the mind and distilling the thought, the desire. Soon it became the first stage – the Recreationists.

Think of a wonderful device, and watch it form in front of you. Change anything you like about it. Or simply push it back into the universe and disentangle the particles.

Malice? You are worried about malice? Such technology would not even be perceivable to the vibration stage of malicious intent. Connection to the One vibration is necessary for such things and there is no malice possible in that state.

Thus resources were soon mobilised and the human civilisation began to re-create itself from a whole new focus of being. What was once precious metal, simply became a high-efficiency mineral for transmitting energy. What was once a centralised system quickly became distributed in self-creating and replicating patterns. The Network was established. Unlike the internet, this was simply an amplification of the conscious energy web already present. The only reason for having it was that it was possible and pleased humanity.

Private thought has not become impossible. It simply isn’t available on the surface, which is the vast network of beings communicating. It is like this – the mass consciousness, like the human body, does not find focus in the individual workings of a cell. It is aware of itself and works towards its own attractions. The cells lead a connected yet private life. Well, mostly. It is possible to focus on a cell but such focus has not been required or achieved so far.

Thus we began to shape our home and with gratitude to the Mother and the Father, we have come a long way since.

I can see that you want to set out at once. Let’s see what your most dominant thought is. Or would you like to speak it out to me? Yes, tell me then.

“Food and energy, these are the two main parts that intrigue me. People still eat, yes? Machines need power?”

“People choose to eat as a celebration, not to maintain their incarnation because it is possible to regenerate your physical vehicle using the One energy. Both styles are practised as per personal and communal preferences and variations. As for energy, you will see for yourself. There are many wonderful sources of it, all drawing from the One source.”

“Has anyone tried to bring back the ones who went the other way?”

“Bringing back would mean assuming there is linear time. There is not. But to answer your question, well, in a manner of speaking there are those who try to save the ones who wandered away during the ascension. You will meet some soon, this I am able to tell you already.”

“Thank you for the tale, dear Hekima.” Sho bowed his head while still seated. Then got up quite fluidly.

“You are very welcome dear Sho. I see you want to speak the last question to me.”

“Yes, why help me project now?”

“Same as always. You were able to do it when you allowed yourself to.”

This brought a smile to Sho’s peaceful face as he felt the benevolence behind the words wash over him. This time he bowed formally with his hands together at his heart centre, then started to walk towards the only visible way in or out.

Image by Madcarak on Deviantart.

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