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Drenched Kolkata

Chapter 1: Drenched

“It was a subtle thing. Like rain but finer. It is hard to describe. You just had to be there. Billions experienced it. It went on forever. Everything felt like it would be soaked after some time. But it wasn’t that kind of rain.”

Meditation En Foret by Madcarak

Prologue: The Floating Man

“This is going to sound rather cliched, but where exactly am I?” The man asked this with a look of polite curiosity. He was brown-skinned, but not tanned. He had a good head of hair, somewhat messy but looked like it saw the occasional hairdresser. It was a naturally enclosed area. A rock face blocking…

The ShadowBlink Universe

The Story is the working title of the fiction fantasy story that proceeds along with the music of ShadowBlink. See it as the universe where I proudly collect and display my fantasies, ideas for the future and their connection to the ever-evolving philosophy of my life. It is a blend of science fiction, spirituality and…