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Drenched Kolkata

Chapter 1: Drenched

“It was a subtle thing. Like rain but finer. It is hard to describe. You just had to be there. Billions experienced it. It went on forever. Everything felt like it would be soaked after some time. But it wasn’t that kind of rain.”

Meditation En Foret by Madcarak

Prologue: The Floating Man

“This is going to sound rather cliched, but where exactly am I?” The man asked this with a look of polite curiosity. He was brown-skinned, but not tanned. He had a good head of hair, somewhat messy but looked like it saw the occasional hairdresser. It was a naturally enclosed area. A rock face blocking…

Kolkata howrah bridge 2011

7 Years Later

Dear friend, If you’re reading this, thank you for sticking around. I am truly grateful that you did. On the 17th of June, ShadowBlink will complete 7 years of official existence. The past few years have been quiet on the public front. And that’s because life had a few things for me to experience before…

Project Relaunch

New music. A lot of it. Starting June 2019 I haven’t released any music. Officially. Ever. Except for bits and pieces on Soundcloud. But those sporadic releases are nothing compared to the huge backlog that has been building up in various computers and hard disks. I was waiting for something, as we do sometimes. But…

This Is ShadowBlink

An introduction. We create because we are. I thank you, dear stranger and beloved friend, for your support. This project is for you. Forever have I searched for a meaning behind this urge to create, only to realise at long last that it is the primary force of the very nature of being. We are…